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Sulcanna offers full transparency for every product it formulates. We do that by maintaining our own inventory and supply chain of hemp, cannabinoid extracts, and raw materials. We are constantly refreshing our inventory through our partnership with the Midwest’s largest CBD hemp cooperative, made up entirely of craft hemp growers who invest considerable time and effort in producing the highest quality raw material for our products.

Our proprietary seeds set the stage for the Cooperative’s completely all-natural farming process. No chemicals, pesticides or herbicides are ever used. Once our crops are harvested the raw materials are processed on-site in our Illinois facility in state-of-the-art production facilities and laboratories. Our products are then thoroughly tested for quality and consistency both internally and with external labs. Quality is the key. Many CBD and hemp products are imported or do not follow stringent quality control processes.  Importantly, we are able to trace the provenance of all cannabinoids used in our products back to the farm of origin. 

Our advantage is that we direct every stage of the process. We don’t rely on other suppliers for raw materials, hemp, CBD or processing – we do it all in house and through our partnership and participation in the Cooperative.

Local Growers, Quality Product

Established in Hanover, Illinois in 2019

I am writing this because I am so glad I tried the Cooling Muscle Gel and Cooling Lotion for my mother. She has very severe back pain and very bad arthritis. She has seen the doctor and has received pain relief shots, china gel, bio freeze and numerous other products for her to try to no effect. The doctor has also prescribed pain medication but my mom has only one kidney and is very cautious, she does not want to take any if she doesn’t have too. It is so difficult to see a loved one in pain and not be able to do anything about it. When I brought this pain relief lotion home and she tried it I was hesitant, but was pleasantly surprised when she called me to say that It really was helping. We are both relieved that she will not have to take any pain medication now and can rely on this for pain relief. Her pain is so deep within her bones with all this arthritis and when the weather is bad or especially damp out It really acts up. Not only is this a pain relief but It sure is a RELIEF and a piece of mind to me! She especially likes the roll-on one since it is so much easier to get on her back and glides on without getting any on your hands. Now my husband is using this for all his sports injuries and also loves it. Again, I am very thankful this is on the market and we are able to purchase it.

– Marie Moran